Mayfly Orchid Acianthus caudatus

Towards the end of a walk through a park we virtually stumbled across these. My mother had one photo left on her camera and didn't know what to do with it. While we were standing there I looked at our feet and there were these little, dark red spikey things coming out of the ground. At first we weren't even sure if these were orchids but later investigation led me to them being the Mayfly Orchid. They were scattered along the path in this section and, on subsequent trips, found to be quite prevalent in the local area.

Being small and thin they are not easy for me to photograph as my camera tends to focus at distant objects.

All these photos are from Baluk Willam Flora Reserve.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
Mid August to September
2-4 flowers    

One of my first Acianthus
53.0KB 512x640
Three Mayfly Orchid, flash used
93.2KB 680x512
Two orchids close together
144KB 768x1024
Two Acianthus caudatus
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Acianthus caudatus elongated septals and petals
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Two Acianthus caudatus in the sun
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Mayfly Orchid in the sun
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