Black Tongue Orchid Caladenia congesta

These are quite common in Baluk Willam Flora Reserve where they are scattered out in a wide area (they tend not to form dense colonies). Their striking pink flowers make them easy to spot amongst the greens of the grasses, but the strong pink tends to fade to pale when the flower is no longer fresh.

As indicated by their name, they have a "tongue" hanging out. This is actually the calli on the labellum and are a very dark red.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
Late Spring
1-3 56cm 35mm across

Caladenia congesta #1
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Compact Caladenia #2
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Black Tongue Orchid #3
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Black Tongue Orchid #4
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Caladenia congesta #5
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Caladenia congesta #6
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