Green-comb Spider Orchid Arachnorchis dilatata

syn. Caladenia dialata
Like all the Spider Orchids, this one has a central flower with elongated petals waving out giving a look to that of a spider (hence their name). These ones were all found along the road near the Baluk Willam Flora Reserve. Although there is a sign warning that disturbance may damage protected flora, its always a concern when such a plant is found essentially unprotected. There were a few scattered along a few metres, in one spot I was able to capture three in the same photo.

A similar orchid is Arachnorchis phaeoclavia and C. tentaculata, and indeed I'm not 100% about this identification.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
October and November
1 to 2 flowers 63cm to top of dorsal petal septals and petals to 55mm long/high

Spider Orchid #1
91.2KB 720x600
Caladenia dilatata #2
75.5KB 720x768
Arachnorchis 3
56.6KB 640x768
Spider Orchid #4
111.5KB 768x768
Spider Orchid #5
118.5KB 880x720
Green-comb Spider-orchid #6
78.5KB 1024x768
Spider Orchid #7
56.1KB 736x736
Arachnorchis #8
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Three Arachnorchis Flowers
64.7KB 680x512
Two Orchids, side and rear
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