Large Tongue-orchid Cryptostylis subulata

These photos are all from Baluk Willam Flora Reserve, the only place I have seen this orchid, although they are widespread from South Australia to southern Queensland.

They have a dominant, downward facing labellum with two glossy calli towards the end (on the underside). Cryptostylis subulata is polinated by pseudo copulation of the male of the same wasp species that polinates the Small Tongue-orchid and they also grow in the same areas.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
December to mid February
4-8 from a single stalk ~60cm ~30mm long
Cryptostylis subulata #1
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Cryptostylis subulata #2
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Cryptostylis subulata #4
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Subulata Labellum close-up
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