Leopard Orchid Diuris pardina

One day I decided to walk up the nearby Chandler Hill (part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park) to see if I could get any good photos of some Alpine Greenhoods, which I knew to grow in profusion here. Almost immediately however I stumbled across a Leopard Orchid and so I was distracted for the rest of the day. Although the sun was out briefly, it became very overcast and began raining after a while. I was creeping through the bushes, hoping for, and finding, more glints of yellow. Some of these photos were taken while balancing an umbrella on my head and protecting the camera from rain.

Diuris maculata has often been mistaken for Diuris maculata, which doesn't have a purple stem, and possibly used to be classed as such.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
4 to 11 flowers off single stalk 50cm 15x15mm (not including 'ears')

Diuris pardina
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Leopard Orchid in the rain
52.2KB 680x512
Diuris pardina in the rain
68.5KB 680x944
Leopard Orchid
43.4KB 640x680
Diuris pardina
76.9KB 680x1024
Leopard Orchid full plant
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Diuris pardina
31.4KB 512x640
Leopard Orchid front and rear of flowers
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Diuris pardina
58.4KB 768x1024
Leopard Orchid
54.8KB 512x680
Diuris pardina
47.4KB 512x680
Leopard Orchid flower closeup
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