Short-lipped Leek-orchid Prasophyllum brevilabre

In December 2003 I went to Mt Buffalo National Park with some members of ANOS. We found this species in two nearby colonies not too far from The Chalet. One area was badly burnt earlier in the year but the second survived virtually untouched. This shows that they can survive a serious bushfire but don't particularly need fire, like some orchids.

There were two variations found in both colonies. The first difference is color, some had purple stems and flowers while others were green, as you can see in the photos. The other variation is in flower spacing, some had the flowers close together while others had them spaced more openly.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
Early Summer
up to 25 flowers ~40cm ~10mm

Leek Orchid #1
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Prasophyllum brevilabre #2
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Leek Orchid #3
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Prasophyllum brevilabre #4
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Prasophyllum brevilabre #5
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Leek Orchid #6
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