Nodding Greenhood Pterostylis nutans

In my searching for identification for other orchids I often came across references to this orchid on the web. They are reasonably widespread and these photographs were taken in Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne and of course Baluk Willam Flora Reserve.

Up until recently I hadn't seen too many of these, or at least noticed too many (after all they are green and low so well concealed amongst the grass). That was until the 6th August, 2003, when I came across the field of Nodding Greenhoods shown below. Although it might be hard to see in the low resolution photo, the entire green area, sheltered under some Eucalypts, is a lawn of them, I estimate around 300 individual flower spikes.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
July to September single stalk and flower 27cm 22mm long

Nodding Greenhood amongst the bracken
68.8KB 800x740
Pterostylis nutans, Cranbourne
40.9KB 640x744
2 Pterostylis nutans
109KB 800x720
nodding in the same direction
53.1KB 512x680
and then there were three Nodding Greenhoods
84.2KB 680x460
green amongst the grass
66.3KB 512x680
a short Nodding Greenhood
99.9KB 680x640
field of greenhoods
67.4KB 512x380
in amongst the greenhoods
82.6KB 680x512

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