Tall Greenhood Pterostylis melagramma

formerly Pterostylis longifolia
I first saw these coming up when I was busy with the Superb Greenhoods in Baluk Willam Flora Reserve. There were these succulent green shoots popping up all around, I suspected they might have been orchids. At a later visit to the reserve I discovered they are widespread, appearing virtually throughout the park. Going back over some of my older photos I realized that this was also the orchid I photographed in 2002 in R.J. Chambers Flora and Fauna Reserve (no web site). Subsequently I have also found them widespread throughout Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Quite a few similar orchids had been called longifolia in the past. The true Pterostylis longifolia is a NSW species with a significantly hairy labellum.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
July and August
5 to 12 69cm 15x6mm across

Pterostylis melagramma, 2002 in RJ Chambers Reserve
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Pterostylis melagramma, 2003 in RJ Chambers Reserve
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Tall Greenhood, 2003 in RJ Chambers Reserve
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Pterostylis melagramma, 2003 in Baluk Willam Flora Reserve
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Pterostylis melagramma, 2003 in Baluk Willam Reserve, close up
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Tall Greenhood amongst the grasses
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a bunch of Pterostylis melagramma with back lighting
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