Mountain Greenhood Pterostylis alpina

Also callded Alpine Greenhood
I had known that these do live in my area and this year, but I have only noticed them this year, with treks specifically for orchid hunting. I have found quite a few around various parts of Dandenong Ranges National Park where these Mountain or Alpine Orchids are in the wetter Sherbrooke Forest as well as the drier western slopes of Montrose. In one populous area I recorded one growing to a height of 41cm, unfortunately this was in an area invaded by Onion Weed and this flower had to grow so high to be able to see the light.

Flowering Time Flower Numbers Maximum Height Flower Size
August and September
single 49cm 30mm high

Pterostylis alpina in Montrose
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Pterostylis alpina #2
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Alpine Greenhood in Montrose Reserve
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Alpine Greenhood in Sherbrooke Forest
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Pterostylis alpina in Sherbrooke Forest
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Pterostylis alpina #6
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Mountain Greenhood side view
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Mountain Greenhood front view
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Pterostylis alpina #9
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Pterostylis family
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Pterostylis alpina #11
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Pterostylis alpina #12
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